At LA Auto Electrical we supply and fit car alarms for all makes and models. Depending on your requirements we can provide a quote to suit your needs.

The most basic car alarms will trigger when a car door is opened, but not necessarily the bonnet or the boot. These kinds of alarms are okay, but you can find alarms that can do more for more or less the same amount of money. There are alarms that are more sensitive – they don’t react to motion only; they can trigger if someone is approaching the car. Others will go off when any of the car doors is open, including the boot and the bonnet. In high security areas, you need an alarm that will warn at even the slightest intrusion, but make sure that it does not go off so often as to irritate your neighbours.

We can provide advise on alarm systems that will minimise your insurance premiums and suit specialised/luxury car insurance requirements.

We also provide truck alarm systems.

You can be sure that we will give you the very best in terms of quality – we source all our parts and accessories from well known suppliers, while working within your budget. If you are not happy with any part or service that we do for you, let us know and we will replace it at our cost. Get in touch with us to evaluate whether your current alarm is adequate for your needs.